The Hour-Glass Visualization Phase Three: Importing into Noho’s Abbey Theatre Model

The next stage in the visualization process of Craig’s screens used for the 1912 Hour Glass production at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin was to import the screens into a model of the permanent Old Abbey stage. The model was originally created by NOHO for the Abbey Theatre, 1904 visualization project.  The original professionally developed model of the stage was reduced in size and exported from 3ds Max into SketchUp by classmate Freya in preparation to receive the new scenography visualizations created in SketchUp (read about the previous two Hour-Glass visualization phases here and here).

Now that the process of integrating the basic Hour-Glass scenography into Noho’s Abbey Theatre model is complete, the models will be imported into SketchFab, an online 3D viewing platform recommended by classmate Freya. To view our 3D scenography models click here. To learn about SketchFab and our practices to ensure our research can be accessed and shared longterm please read Visualisation & the London Charter.

Abbey Stage

NoteThe east and west walls of the Abbey stage are slightly angled to reflect the original architectural plan of the Abbey Theatre NOHO used to make their model.



The Hour-Glass (1912 production) on Noho’s model of the Abbey Stage  


Model with Wise Man and Fool to Demonstrate Scale

Hour-Glass with Wise Man and Fool

Hour-Glass with Wise Man and Fool

Note: These characters were taken from a postcard advertising a 1905 production of the Hour-Glass at the Abbey. They are for scale demonstration purposes only and are not an accurate representation of the costumes used for the modeled 1912 production.

Hour-Glass model (minus the curtain and additional screens) situated on sketch



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